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How to get your first project setup in Buildr

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To get started, sign into Buildr with your Procore credentials:

Next, click Create Project:

Choose the Procore project you'd like to manage closeout for, upload an image (optional), and designate the stage of the project:

Next, you'll find a few simple steps to get the ball rolling.

Your first step is to import your directory over with one-click and remove any vendors that aren't included in the closeout process:

Select Your Company, Your Owner, the Design Team, and all your Subcontractors. Optionally, you can skip importing the Owner and Design Team during Import. Be sure to remove any vendors that are not included in the closeout process:

Select the check box next to Name in order to select all subcontractors at once:

Review and Complete:

Next, Import your Spec Book from Procore. Simply click Import specifications from Procore:

Review your specs and add any additional specs by clicking + Create Division
or + Create Section. Click Next to move forward.

Lastly, it's time to set up your Requirements. Import them from Procore or from a CSV, or manually add requirements. 

When Importing from Procore, select all the submittal types you want to import, and select the Category for each one. Then click Next Step.

Next, select the Statuses for the submittals you want to import and click Next Step:

Then, Review and Complete:

To manually add requirements, click New Requirement as shown in the picture above. Select the Type of requirement, fill in the Details and Category, and select the appropriate Companies:

You have now successfully set up your project! 🎉

On your main dashboard, you can now see all of your vendors progress, your overall progress, and even click into each vendor and manage them individually. This is the main view which allows you to manage and complete your closeout process.

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