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Procore <> Buildr Integration
How to Setup Buildr inside of Procore
How to Setup Buildr inside of Procore

Embedding the Buildr application inside Procore

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To use Buildr inside of Procore, first navigate to the company admin section of Procore:

Then, click on App Management:

Next, click Install App. In the dropdown, click Install App from Marketplace:

Then, find Buildr Embedded in the marketplace, and click Install App:

Note: you must install the Buildr Embedded app, not any other Buildr products that are on the marketplace.

When back in Procore, click Install:

Now, we need to create a configuration for all projects you want to use Buildr Embedded with. 

Go to the configurations tab, and click Create Configuration:

Check the "Global Projects Config" checkbox.

Finally, navigate to that project in Procore, click Apps, then click Buildr Embedded:

You will need to log in once, and after that, you can access Buildr from inside this project at any time (and so can your project members):

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