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How to Import a Requirement Spreadsheet into a Project
How to Import a Requirement Spreadsheet into a Project

Import a CSV template of Requirements into a project

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If you have a spreadsheet of Requirements, you can import them into Buildr in four steps. We support mapping your spreadsheet columns into Buildr's Description, Company, Category, Location, and Specification fields.

If you'd like to start with a template, download one here. Once your spreadsheet is complete, save the file as a CSV.

To start, select the Requirements tab. Click More, and select Import CSV:

Next, select the Upload Data from File button and select the CSV file you wish to import:

Note: The only required fields are Category and Subcontractor. It is optional to include the Description, Location, and Specification.

Once the CSV is uploaded, identify the column headers and click Yes to continue:

Match your header fields and then select Confirm Mapping for each field you are importing:

Lastly, Review your list of Requirements and click Continue to complete the import:

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