The Project Directory is made of Subcontractors, the Owner, and Groups:

Your team is managed in the Team section:


The Subcontractor section lists your subcontractors. 

If you click Import from Procore, you can pull companies from your Procore project directory:

Be sure not to import yourself or the owner into the Subcontractors tab. 

If you click on a subcontractor, you can edit users and designate Primary Contacts:


Adding your owner will allow you to share Warranty Issues with them, as well as enable mobile app access. To begin, click Add User under the Owner tab and enter their name and email:

You can now add users to share Warranty Issues with, as well as view the Mobile Setup QR code.


Groups allow you to easily collaborate with a consistent set of users. Groups can be comprised of Subcontractor Users, General Contractor Users, and Owner Users.

Your Team:

The Team section lists team members that have access to this project:

To add a team member, click Add User and select the team member to add:

If you select Primary Contact, this contact will be in the directory sheet in the project export.

Important Note: You will only be able to add users that are added at an account level. If you do not see a user listed in this section, you will need to have an account admin add the user. Once the admin adds the user(s) at the account level, you will be able to add those users under the General Contractor section.

To remove a user from a specific project, click Edit next to the user which you wish to remove. Then click Delete User at the bottom of the pop up window as shown below.

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