How to bring Procore documents into Buildr using Syncs

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The Syncs tool allows you to create a live integration to all of your project information in procore. Enabling a Sync will add the appropriate documents to your Final Closeout Package in Buildr.

To get started, click Add Sync:

Next, choose from the types of Procore tools provided. Clicking a specific category means that Buildr will now include all of these documents from Procore in your final Closeout Package in Buildr, and better yet, because it is a live integration, you only have to set this up once and it will automatically stay updated when any chance is made on the Procore side:

Hare are some additional notes on what exactly is being connected. Buildr will pull over….

RFI - all closed RFIs

Submittals - all distributed Submittals

Photos - all Photos included in a public album

Drawings - The current revision on published Drawings

Daily Logs - all Logs in which the day is completed

Inspection - all closed Inspections

Punch Item - all closed Punch Items

Once documents are loaded into Buildr, you can preview them by clicking on the title:

If you’d like to exclude any of these documents, we want to keep Procore as the central source of truth, so go into procore and change the status of the document there. Now when you export your final closeout package, you’ll see of your synced documents included:

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