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How to Import Procore Submittals into Buildr as Requirements
How to Import Procore Submittals into Buildr as Requirements

How to import and manage your Procore submittals in Buildr

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With the Procore Submittal integration, you will be able to use the Procore submittal tool to collect closeout documentation. If you use Procore submittals to collect closeout documents, we recommend you import them into Buildr as early and often as possible.

Why integrate Procore submittals with Buildr?

  • Quickly create Buildr requirements from Procore submittals

  • Automatically sync Procore submittal attachments into a Buildr requirement

  • Use Procore submittals to collect closeout information

What you need to know before you begin

  • You will only see the Import from Procore option if you log in using the Procore button and if your Buildr project is linked to a Procore project.

  • You can import Procore submittals as many times as necessary. Buildr prevents duplicates and never imports the same submittal twice.

  • Procore submittals can only be imported if they are assigned to a company that exists in your Buildr project directory.

  • Requirements that were imported from a Procore submittal will automatically sync any attachments uploaded or distributed in that Procore submittal.

  • Buildr requirement statuses will not update based on Procore. You will need to complete requirements in Buildr.

How to import Procore Submittals

In Procore, make sure that your submittals are attached, have a Responsible Contractor, and have the Type appropriate to the type of document it is. So rather than a Closeout Type, designate it as Workmanship Warranty or O&M Manual:

Next, navigate to the Project Requirements tool and click 'Import from Procore':

You will now be prompted with your Procore submittal types. Select the types to import, and select the Buildr requirement type to map the submittal type into:

Next, select the Procore submittal statuses to import. It is typical to import Open and Closed:

Next, select the companies for which you want to import the submittals. Alternatively, you can select all by clicking the box next to Name.

Now, confirm the submittals to import and click 'Complete':

These submittals will be imported as Buildr requirements. When attachments are uploaded or distributed in the Procore submittal, they will automatically appear in Buildr.

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