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How to Import your Directory into Buildr from a CSV
How to Import your Directory into Buildr from a CSV

Import your contacts and companies from a CSV into the project directory

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If you have a spreadsheet of warranties you can import it directly into Buildr. We support mapping your spreadsheet into Buildr companies and contacts.

Setting up your spreadsheet

To get started, download the template here.

Each row in the spreadsheet represents a contact in Buildr. They are matched to a company based off the Company Name column.

Supported Buildr Fields


  • Company Name (required)

  • Company Type (required) one of: Subcontractor, General Contractor, Owner, Design Team


  • First Name (required)

  • Last Name (required)

  • Email (required)

  • Phone

  • Job Title

Importing your spreadsheet

Once you are ready to import your spreadsheet, navigate to your project directory and click Actions, then Import from CSV. You will then be prompted to upload your file:

If you used our template, the mappings will be automatically confirmed. If not, you will need to map your column headers to Buildr fields:

Once all columns are matched, click Review. If there are any issues, the system will prompt you to fix them.

Click Complete and your contacts will be imported into Buildr.

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