First, select the Requirements tab and the company that the Requirement in question belongs to:

Next, click the Requirement you'd like to add to add the attachment to:

Drop your attachments into the box or browse and select the files from your device.

The files will now be uploaded and included with the Document Request.

Anyone with access to this Requirement (including the Assignee) will be able to see Document Request Attachments.

You can also add attachments that are visible to the trade partner in the Submission Portal so they can review them before submitting their requirement(s). In order to add attachments to the upload portal for the trade partner to review, navigate to Requirements and click on the desired company as shown in the first image above.

Then scroll down to Portal Attachments and click Upload:

You will then be able to select or drag and drop the attachments. You can see them show up in the Submission Portal by clicking View Submission Portal next to submitters.

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