Subcontractor? Meet Buildr.

Get to know Buildr, the software your GC would like you to use to upload closeout documents.

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Closeout-Related Tasks (Warranty Below)

Hello and welcome to Buildr. You are reading this if you are a subcontractor who's general contractor has asked to use Buildr for closeout. But, what is Buildr and why should you care?

The general contractor you are working with has chosen to use a software called Buildr to help create a seamless and streamlined document collection process and closeout package for their Owner.

Once the GC creates their list of required documents, they'll send you an email through the Buildr platform that looks like this:

It will come from [email protected], it will include a personal message, a list of all of the closeout documents you are responsible for providing, as well as a link to upload those documents.

Click on the link, upload your documents one by one, and yes, I mean separately in their own upload area, then, sit back and know that the developer for this project is going to receive a closeout package second to none with your documents included.

Throughout closeout and post-construction, you may receive multiple emails from your GC's Buildr account, such reminders to submit closeout documents, or alerting you of new Warranty Issues. For this reason, we recommend that you whitelist or add the sending email from the first email you receive, to your contact list.

Warranty Management

In order to use the tools your GC have requested for managing warranties, watch this video for a general overview.

Subcontractor FAQ's

  • What does it mean when my document is “Pending?”

    • “Pending” means that the General Contractor has yet to review the documents. If you have uploaded all of your documents, you’re good to go!

  • I uploaded the wrong document. What do I do?

    • You’ll first want to notify your GC of the incorrect upload. You can then proceed to upload the correct document(s) in the upload portal.

Thank you for taking the time to become familiar with Buildr and for helping to make closeout almost fun for your GC.

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