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Creating Requirements
How to Create and Request Required Documents
How to Create and Request Required Documents

How to navigate and utilize the Requirements tab

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The first option you'll be presented with is to create a new requirement. Click New Requirement:

Select the first type of Requirement you'd like to create:

Select the Category and fill in the optional Description. Then click Next Step:

Check all of the Subcontractors that owe you this document. Then click Create:

After you have created your first Requirement in bulk, you can continue creating Requirements by:

  • Importing from Procore

  • Importing from a Template

  • Importing from a CSV

  • Continuing to Import in Bulk

From the main view, you'll see a progress bar that shows the percentage of documents in each stage:

Requesting Documents

Once your list of Requirements is complete, you can automatically send an email to all subcontractors by clicking Request Requirements:

Next, you can optionally exclude Requirements from being sent. We offer you this because once your request the requirement, or send it, Buildr will automatically email them every Monday morning reminding them of their Requirements awaiting upload:

Next, you can type the Body of your email, attach templates for your Subcontractors to download, fill out, and re-upload, and of course, send it off!

This will move all documents to the Requested status. You can change the view of this page by clicking on the desired status:

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