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Creating Requirements
How to Create and Request Requirements
How to Create and Request Requirements

How to navigate and utilize the Requirements tab

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In Buildr, there are four different ways to create Requirements. This article will provide a step-by-step process on how to create Requirements and start collecting documents for a successful closeout and project handover process.

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How to Import Requirements with Procore

First, review the Requirement Categories by selecting the Review Categories button on the project's home page:

Here, you will be able to review your current Categories. To add a Category, select + New Category. To move forward, select Continue Setup:

Now that your Categories list is finalized, you can import your project's Requirements.

To start, select the Requirements tab. Click More, and select Import from Procore:

Select the submittal types you want to import by clicking the checkbox. Then, select the Category for each submittal type. Once completed, click Next Step:

Next, select the statuses for the Submittals you want to import and click Next Step:

To select the Companies you would like to import Requirements for, click on the checkbox next to the Company name. Once selections are made, click Next Step:

Lastly, review your list and select Complete to import the outlined Requirements:

How to Import Requirements with a CSV

To start, select the Requirements tab, click More, and select Import CSV:

Next, select the Upload Data from File button and select the CSV file you wish to import:

Note: The only required fields are Category and Subcontractor. It is optional to include the Description, Location, and Specification.

Once the CSV is uploaded, identify the column headers and click Yes to continue:

Match your header fields and then select Confirm Mapping for each field you are importing:

Lastly, Review your list of Requirements and click Continue to complete the import:

How to Import Requirements with a Template

To start, select the Requirements tab, click More, and select Import from Template:

Select the checkbox next to the template you wish to use and click Next Step:

Assign Requirements by selecting individual cells or assign a Requirement to all companies by clicking the Requirement name. Once complete, click Import:

How to Manually Create Requirements

To start, select the Requirements tab and then click the New Requirement button:

Next, choose the Requirement type:

Select the Requirement's Category and enter the Description (optional). Once completed, click Next Step:

Lastly, check the box next to the company(s) that will be responsible for the Requirement, then click Create:

How To Request Requirements

Once you complete your list of Requirements, it's time to request them from your Subcontractors. With Buildr, you can send an email to all subcontractors who will be submitting requirements.

To start, navigate to the Draft tab and click Request Requirements:

Next, review the list of Companies you will be requesting Requirements from. To exclude Requirements from being requested, select the name of the company, uncheck the Requirements you wish to keep in Draft, and click Done:

Lastly, add a message to your subcontractors, attach relevant documents and template(s), and click Send to request your Requirements:

Note: Once Requirements are requested, Buildr will automatically send email reminders to your subcontractors every Monday until all documents are submitted. To stop automated reminders, change the Requirement status from Requested to Draft.

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