You may have seen a new tab show up in your sidebar with a Beta flag next to it. Being in Beta, it is still being tested and improved over time, however, we are happy to give you access to it in the meantime:

The Inbox Tool allows you to field all of your Warranty Requests in one place. This means that you have one link you share with Subcontractors and Property Management Teams to log Warranty Requests. To find this link, click on the Inbox tab and click Enable Inbox:

Next, Right-Click on the Portal Link and click Copy. This is the Link you'll share with Owner's and Property Manager's Warranty Teams:

Here, Owners can log Warranty requests in one place, funneling all requests from all Projects into one place: your Inbox. Here, you can click on each Request as they come in...

Decide if they are covered under Warranty, and Convert them to a Warranty Issue:

Doing this will bring you through a 3-step process to:

1. Select a Project:

2. Fill in any missing Details:

3. Bring in the appropriate Subcontractor to be alerted f the work

Once you finish the process, the Warranty Issue will then be moved to the appropriate project, where you can find it and manage it in the Warranty Issues tab:

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