Update: We recently upgraded our importer, so now it is a more seamless process that allows for easier field mapping and easily allows you to identify where there are errors in your data, if any exist.

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Best Practices and Requirements for Formatting and Importing Data

CSV Templates for Companies, Contacts and Opportunities

Error File Function - NEW FEATURE!!!

You always have the ability to add a new company or contact on the fly in Buildr. However, the quickest and easiest way to get your existing information from multiple clients in the system is by way of import.

Requirements and Best Practices for Formatting Your Import Templates and Importing Data

The cleaner the data the better. In an effort to mitigate amending data, and/or adding company and user data manually later on, it's important to ensure your import is filled out as comprehensively as possible.


  1. For related contact fields on Opportunity Imports (example shown above):

    1. The "Assigned to" field must have an email address that matches with the designated Buildr user. So if your employee John Doe is assigned to an Opportunity and the email address associated with his account is john[email protected], this same email address must be included in the import sheet.

    2. The Primary Contact on Opportunities must have an email address that matches what is listed in their contact profile in Buildr or in the contact import csv.


  1. Company Type is a required field on your Company import csv. The Company Types must match a Company Type that is listed in your Company Settings.


  1. Each row in the Contact import table corresponds to a contact record (a.k.a., a person). At a minimum, each record requires a value for the contact's First Name, Last Name, Email Address, and Company Name.

  2. In order for a contact to map to their company and show up in Buildr CRM, the company in the contact import csv must match what is in your company import csv or what is already in Buildr.

    ***Note that the companies, "Warriors" and "Lakers" in the Contact import csv image shown above matches the companies in the Company csv image under the "name" column (as seen in the Company Imports section).

Import CSV Templates

We HIGHLY recommend using these CSV templates when importing or at least reviewing them before formatting your data so that the correct information is in each column. It is easier to format your data upfront than it is to have to go back and clean it up later after a first import attempt.

Opportunity Import Template

Company Import Template

Contact Import Template

Error File Function

Sometimes it is not always easy to identify errors in your data. Maybe you have hundreds or thousands of contacts to import and have a hard time seeing which contacts may have issues, or maybe you have a long list of companies or opportunities that need to be cleaned up.

The good news is that if you have errors, Buildr will generate a csv file that includes only the rows that have errors. You will be able to download and view the csv, make the changes directly in the error file, and then upload it into Buildr. The error file* even includes a column that describes the error and what needs to be changed, which takes the hard work out of fixing your data.

*the "Errors" column is highlighted in this image for purpose of showing it's location

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