Buildr gives you the power to create custom views for your companies and opportunities.

Views now have permission levels. You can create or edit views so that they are personal and visible to you only, or you can create shared views.

First navigate to either the companies or opportunities tab. Apply the filters necessary to slice and dice your data for a more tailored view of the information you would like to see.

After setting up your filters, click the Opportunities drop down menu and select, "Duplicate View". You will be prompted to enter the name and choose the permission level - either personal or shared.

Finally click 'Save View' and notice that the view has been added to the list on the left of the screen. Making it easy to toggle and access views at any time.

Editing Existing Views

Need to add an additional filter or remove a filter from a view? Simply navigate to the view and add/remove the filter. It will save for future viewing.

You can also edit the name or permission level of any view. Simply enter the view, click the Opportunities drop down and choose the edit option.

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