The Tasks tool was built to help you and your team win more jobs by staying on top of essential tasks for an Opportunity.

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How to Create a Task

Navigate to Tasks in the menu under the CRM column. Click the "New Task" button. Add a title, assign it to a team member, and optionally add:

  • Notes

  • Deadline

  • Opportunity

  • Contact

Click on a task to view, edit or complete it.

Once completed, the completed task shows up in that opportunity's activity feed.

How do Task Notifications Work?

When a task is created & assigned, the assigned user will receive an email notification (Note: If you create a task and assign it to yourself, you will not receive an email notification).

Once a task is completed, the task creator will receive an email notification detailing the task & the assigned user who completed the task.

Utilize Task Checklists

Stay up-to-date with tasks by utilizing our customizable Checklist tool! Here, you can Create, Edit, and mark your checklist items as Incomplete/Complete.

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