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Employee and Utilization Overview

The Employee view in Workforce allows you to quickly compare employees to see who is available and who is not available based off of Utilization and Availability. One of the most powerful features is that it shows when an employee has been over-utilized (red bar, explained more below), which is a problem that should be resolved when possible.

When you navigate to Employees, you will see the list of all your employees with a Gantt Chart styled view that displays their availability.

  • Green means that they have availability; their utilization is less than 100%.

  • Gray means that the employee is unavailable and at 100% utilization.

  • Red means that the employee is unavailable and over-utilized; their utilization exceeds 100%. This indicates the need for reassignment during that time period.

  • Blue Stripes mean that the employee is available but assigned to pursuits during that time period.

A change in color indicates a change in utilization and availability, which also means a change in the shifts to which they are assigned.

If the color is the same but a new segment starts, this indicates a change in utilization but no change in availability. So if we zoom in on the picture above, we'll see the first employee listed (Abigail West) has two green segments.

Abigail has availability in both of those time periods, but her utilization varies. If we hover over the first segment, we'll see that she is 50% utilized and on one project:

If we hover over the second segment, we see that the project ended and her utilization and availability have changed. She is now no longer on any project and is at 0% utilization:

Both green segments indicate she has availability, but the utilization/degree to which she is available changes.

If we hover over a red bar, we'll see that utilization is over 100%:

And if we hover over a blue striped bar, we'll see that the employee's utilization is at 0%. The project has not been won, so even though they are assigned, the employee's utilization is not yet affected:

Resolving Over-Allocation Issues

We saw that when an employee is over-utilized, it shows up in Red on the Employees view. Buildr allows you to very quickly resolve this issue. Start by hovering over a red bar on the Employees page:

A box opens that shows all the details for the time period represented by the red bar. If we zoom in, we'll see it shows the employees total utilization, dates, duration, and the specific projects they are assigned to:

There are two ways to solve the over-allocation issue:

  1. Change the duration of the shift on one of the projects

  2. Reassign the shift to someone else

Both can be done very quickly. In window that displays when you hover over the red bar, click the name of the project that has the shift you want to change. You will then be taken to that specific opportunity and can either update the shift dates or change the employee:

Click Edit to change the shift dates. Click Update Employee to change the employee assigned to that shift.

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