Often times employees are over-assigned for different reasons. Resolving over-allocation in Buildr is easy.

For example, let's look at the employee highlighted below, Julie Kshlerin, in the Utilization with Shifts view:

Underneath the red section we see an overlap in assignments:

It is easy to tell why the employee is over-utilized. The advantage of using the "Utilization with Shifts" view is that the utilization percentage of each shift is shown, which makes it easier to determine which shift to reassign. We recommend using the "Utilization with Shifts" view.

Click on the bar with the shift you want to change. Buildr will take you directly to the shift-assignment modal so you can make a change:

ALTERNATIVELY, you can change the view to "Utilization Only" at the top if you prefer to work in this view:

If we hover over the red segment where Julie is over-utilized, we will see the details of the over assignment:

Click on the name of an opportunity to navigate to the Workforce Shifts for that specific Opportunity. You can then choose to update the employee that is assigned to the shift as shown in the gif below:

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