Buildr allows you to connect multiple Buildr projects to one Procore project. This is helpful if you have multiple locations on a Procore project, and you wish to differentiate between locations for document collection.

To get started, select “New Project.”

If this is the first of multiple Buildr projects you're connecting to your Procore project, select the project from the drop-down menu under "Select a Procore project." Continue through the project setup steps, click "create," and you're all set!

If you are connecting an additional Buildr project to your Procore project, SKIP the “Select a Procore Project” option and continue through the three New Project steps (Enter a project name, Fill in details, Invite teammates).

Once your project is created, navigate to Settings in the left menu of the Project. Under Details, click “edit,” and scroll to the bottom of the pop-up window.

You will see a drop down menu that allows you to select from all of your Procore projects. Select the Procore project you wish to connect, and save the changes.

Note: If you are connecting the first of multiple Buildr projects to your Procore project, you do not have to follow this additional step.

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