Buildr Workspaces is a powerful, organizational tool that allows you to link opportunities and workforce employees to a workspace. If you have multiple offices or divisions, this is the tool for you.

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Create your Workspaces

To get started, navigate to Settings & select the Workspaces tab. Click “Enable Workspaces.”

Here, you will be prompted to create your first workspace.

Enter the name of your first workspace. If you wish to assign all existing opportunities and employees to this workspace, you can check-mark the box indicated at the bottom. Finally, click “Enable.”

You’ve now created your first workspace! You can proceed to add any additional offices or divisions by selecting “New Workspace.” If you need to edit or delete any existing workspaces listed, simply click the pencil icon to edit, or click the trash can icon to delete.

Assign Opportunities to a Workspace

Now, we can begin assigning Opportunities to our workspaces.

To assign an opportunity, open the opportunity & click “Edit.”

Under Workspace, select the designated workspace from the drop-down menu. If you do not see the office or division in the drop-down list, simply follow the instructions above to create a new workspace.

If you wish to assign all of your opportunities in bulk, you can conveniently download and re-import a CSV with the designated workspaces attached.

To do this, navigate to the Opportunity view and click “Columns” at the top menu. Check-mark "Workspace" & click "Apply." The Workspace column will now be visible in your opportunity view.

Now, you can download your opportunity view as a CSV (My View > Download View) and assign each opportunity to its corresponding workspace. Note: You'll want to ensure that all workspaces listed in your csv already exist in your Settings.

Once your CSV is updated, simply re-import your Opportunities (My View > Import CSV), and your workspaces will populate in your opportunity view.

View Reports by Workspace

Buildr allows you to seamlessly view and filter all reports according to Workspace.

To begin, open the Reports tab under Insights. If you wish to view a report by office or division, simply navigate to the tab at the top-right and select your division from the drop-down menu.

This action will generate a new report according to the division you select.

Link Employees to a Workspace

If you are utilizing the workforce management tool, you can easily assign your employees to a workspace.

First, navigate to the top menu and select the “Employees” tab under Workforce. To assign an employee to a workspace, choose the employee profile & click “Edit.” Scroll down to the Workspace field and select the desired office or division. Click “Save.”

Assign Employees to a Shift using Workspaces

Now that you’ve linked your employees to their designated workspaces, you can conveniently assign your workforce to relevant shifts.

When assigning your employees to a shift, Buildr conveniently shows you all available employees who match the corresponding workspace.

If you wish to view employees from multiple offices, simply click “Workspaces” and check-mark your desired divisions.

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