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How to Attach Files to a Requirement
How to Attach Files to a Requirement

Include documents, forms, and other attachments directly in your project Requirements for submitters to download

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Buildr allows you to attach files such as fillable templates, forms, and example documentation for your submitters to view and download.

To begin, select the Requirements tab and the name of the company you wish to attach the file to:

Next, find the header titled "Portal Attachments" and click Upload:

In the Upload Portal Attachments pop-up window, you can drop your file(s) or click "browse files" to select the file on your device. Finally, click Upload (Note: You can upload more than one file at a time).

Once uploaded, the file will appear under Portal Attachments:

You can preview Requested Requirements and Portal Attachments by selecting View Submission Portal:

Submission Portal Preview:

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