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How to Create Internal Requirements
How to Create Internal Requirements
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Buildr enables you to create internal requirements that are visible only to your team. Internal requirements will not be visible in the Owner's Portal. This is a valuable tool for storing internal documents that are relevant to your projects.

Creating Internal Categories

To begin, navigate to your project settings and select the Categories tab. Click New Category:

Name your internal requirement and select the Type. Finally, select Internal and click Create:

Once your internal category is created, you can begin creating your internal requirements.

Creating Internal Requirements

To create an internal requirement manually, navigate to the Requirements tab and select New Requirement:

Select your requirement Type. Next, select your internal category from the Category drop-down menu. Click Next Step to proceed:

Lastly, select the company/companies you wish to store your internal requirements under and click Create:

Once your internal requirements are created, you can manually upload your documents by navigating to the requirements and selecting Upload Documents. When all of your internal documents are uploaded, you can complete the requirement.

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