Inside of a Project, click on the Settings tool:

From the Settings tool, scroll down and click Create Package:

This will generate your project export in the background, and will email you when it is complete.

When you receive the email, download the closeout package by clicking on the provided link.

For Windows users: you will need to explicitly Extract the .zip file that is downloaded. The best way to do this is to use the Windows-provided Extract All tool, or download free and open-source software 7zip: 

In your file explorer, right-click your .zip file, and extract contents using 7zip. Once extracted, you can open the 01 Table of Contents.pdf file to easily navigate the contents of the export. 

Important Note: 01 Table of Contents.pdf can be renamed, but other folders and files cannot be renamed. The exact structure of this folder must be maintained to ensure the links in the cover sheet continue to work. 

This folder can now be put on any drive and opened on any computer.

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