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How to Open the Project Closeout Package Zip File and Use the Table of Contents
How to Open the Project Closeout Package Zip File and Use the Table of Contents

Extracting the PDF and using the Table of Contents

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Once you have a Project Closeout file, navigate to it on your desktop. It should be type Compressed (zipped) Folder:

Next, you will need to extract the contents of the file. Right click the document, and click Extract All:

On the next screen, select the location for the newly extracted file. In this case, we leave the suggested option and extract it in the current folder: 

Click Extract, and the file will be extracted into a folder with the same name, but type File Folder:

You can now navigate to that folder, and view its contents.

The Table of Contents is a fully-hyperlinked file that will make navigation of these documents easy. Open it with any PDF viewer. For best results, we recommend Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Any link in the Table of Contents will allow you to navigate the documents and open the respective files:

For Windows users: you will need to explicitly Extract the .zip file that is downloaded. The best way to do this is to use the Windows-provided Extract All tool as mentioned in this article, or download free and open-source software 7zip: 

For Mac users: you do not need to explicitly extract the compressed file. You can double-click the .zip archive to extract and use the contents. 

Important Note: 01 Table of Contents.pdf can be renamed, but other folders and files cannot be renamed. The exact structure of this folder must be maintained to ensure the links in the cover sheet continue to work. 

This folder can now be put on any drive and opened on any computer.

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