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How to Import Warranty Issues from CSV
How to Import Warranty Issues from CSV

Import a CSV into the warranty issues tool

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If you have a spreadsheet of warranties that you'd like to track in Buildr, you can import them directly into the project's Warranty Issues page. If you'd like to start with a template, download one here. Once your spreadsheet is complete, convert it to a CSV.

Accepted Column Fields:

  • Title (required): Accepts any text

  • Description: Accepts any text

  • Status (required): maps to one of: Requested, Open, Pending Approval, Closed, Declined

  • Priority: Maps to one of: High, Low, empty

  • Responsible Contractor: Maps to a company in the project directory

  • Trade: Maps to the Buildr trade list

  • Location: Maps to any location in the project

  • Root Cause: Maps to predefined causes listed in your Buildr account

  • Created By: Maps to any user in the project team (defaults to the current user)

  • Created At: Accepts any timestamp in the format: YYYY-MM-DD

  • Closed At: Accepts any timestamp in the format: YYYY-MM-DD

To start, select the appropriate Buildr project then click the Warranty Issues tab. Select the More drop-down and click Import:

Next, click Upload Data From File and select your CSV:

If your CSV file contains column headers, select Yes or Select Another Row. If it does not contain headers, select No Header Row:

Continue through the import wizard and map the spreadsheet values by selecting Confirm Mapping. Make sure to confirm each mapping that you want to import:

Lastly, review your Warranty Issues date and select Continue:

Once you submit the import, the warranties will be created in Buildr.

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