Whether you’re using the Microsoft 365 Integration or the BCC Integration, Buildr enables you to link your emails to their associated opportunities.

When an email is sent to a contact in Buildr, the email will be logged in the activity feed on any opportunity the contact is associated with. If the contact is associated with more than one opportunity, Buildr makes it easy for you to select which opportunity the email is linked to.

To begin, simply navigate to the email in the Opportunity activity log & select “View.”

Here, you'll see a pop-up window indicating the linked opportunities associated with the email. If you wish to exclude any of the opportunities listed, click the “x” icon on the opportunity & click "Delete."

Conversely, Buildr also enables you to link additional opportunities to your email. To begin, navigate to the email & click "View." Under "Linked Opportunities," click “+ Add Opportunity”and select an opportunity.

The email will then populate in the activity feed for all associated opportunities.

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