With Buildr's Project Delivery, you're able to invite project owners to setup their company's Buildr account, access closeout documentation, and create warranty requests -- all online, without having to download a massive zip file.

You'll also be able to create a project export to put on a hard drive or flash drive to hand over a hard copy.

What you get with Project Delivery:

  • Invite project owners to setup their own Buildr account

  • Automatically grant access to completed closeout documentation as you complete project requirements

  • Give your owners a place to submit warranty requests

  • Overdeliver for your clients by giving them a modern way to view and use their closeout documentation

  • Setup the mobile app so your owners can access Buildr from anywhere

  • Export your project to hyperlinked documents using the Project Export

Invite your project owners

  • Inviting your owners will automatically send them an email to setup their Buildr account

  • Owners will get their own experience tailored to viewing closeout documents during post-construction

Once an invite is accepted, they will be able to access their account:

If your project owner doesn't see the project invitation in their inbox, have them check their spam folder just incase their inbox directed the invite there.

Export the project

  • Exporting a project will enable you to download all of the closeout documentation to put on a hard drive or flash drive

  • Exports will contain a hyperlinked Table of Contents to easily navigate the turnover package

Buildr Mobile

With Buildr installed on your customers mobile device, they will be able to access their account from anywhere:

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