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How to create and subscribe to Custom Reports

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Create A Custom Report

You can customize a report to either display closeout progress or warranty issues by project. Custom reports can help you gather data for all projects at any time.

To create a custom report, navigate to the account homepage by clicking on the big BUILDR letters on the top-left of your screen.

Once on the account homepage, navigate to the Reports tab.

You are able to create a custom report for both Closeout Overview by Project and Warranty Issues.

After you generate and customize your report, select Save as Custom Report.

You will need to Name your custom report. When naming the report, you have the option to subscribe to it by checking the box under Subscribe before you press save.

Subscribe & Run A Custom Report

Once you have created one or more custom reports, they will populate under Custom Reports on the Reports tab of the account homepage.

You now have the option to Run or Subscribe/Unsubscribe to each report. You can also delete the report by clicking on the trash can icon.

Each time you hit Run, you will prompt an email of the most updated version of the report. Additionally, you will automatically be emailed the report on a weekly basis for as long as you are subscribed to it.

For a visual walkthrough on how to create custom reports, please reference the video below.

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