Welcome to Buildr! If you are viewing this article then your GC is using Buildr to handover the Closeout Package. If this sounds right, you should have been given access to a portal that looks like this:

If you haven't received access to this, please contact your GC and ask them to be invited to Buildr from their Project Delivery tab of their Buildr account.

To submit a Warranty Item, click on the Warranty Requests tab:

Then click New Request:

On this page, you can include a title, description and an image to inform the GC of your issue. Then, click Create:

Initially, your request will be in Requested status:

Once the GC receives and approved the Warranty as an Issue, you'll be notified via email and you'll now see new information such as:

  • Responsible Contractor

  • Trade

  • Location

  • and any correspondence between you, the GC, and the Subcontractor concerning your Warranty Issue

Now that your request has been approved, you can communicate with both the General Contractor and the Subcontractor regarding how your warranty item will be addressed.

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