The goal of this article is to help you make sure your Owners, Property Managers, Subcontractors, etc are able to view all necessary warranty requests. Making sure they can view all the necessary issues will be dependent on how the issue was created:

1) If a Warranty Issue is Created Through the Warranty Request Portal

The link to the warranty request portal can be sent to anyone. View the portal and copy the url in the Warranty Requests section of Buildr

For reference, here is the Portal View:

Upon approval of the warranty issue, the creator will automatically be listed as a Collaborator:

***At this point, only GC users and the creator have access to the issue. If you need additional, non-GC users (other subcontractor users, owners, property managers, etc), then you need to add them as a Collaborator.

Anyone who is a collaborator will be able to view the issue and will receive notifications when activity happens on the issue.

2) If the Warranty Request is Created Through the Project Delivery in the Owner Portal

Anyone you invite to the Project Delivery will be able to submit warranty requests:

Project Delivery / Owner Portal View:

Anyone added to the Project Delivery will be able to see all warranty requests that they created. They will also be able to see all warranty requests that other users who are a part of the project delivery created. For example, if you have three owners that were invited to the project, they will all be able to see each other's warranty issues.

If a warranty issue is created by someone who was not invited to the project delivery, then it will not be visible to the invited users in the Owner Portal. If you want it to be visible to your invited users, you will need to either:

  • Add the invitees on the project delivery as Collaborators on the issue


  • Invite the creator of the warranty issue to the project delivery

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