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Generate a Warranty Issue Report
Generate a Warranty Issue Report

How to generate a Warranty Issue report at the account level

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To generate a Warranty Issue report at the account level, navigate to the account page by clicking on the BUILDR logo at the top of your screen (see below).

Once in the account view, navigate to the Reports tab.

Next, click Warranty Issues.

Now it's time to customize your report. You are able to customize how the warranty issues are grouped, as well as which warranty item statuses, companies, and business units should be included in the report. You can also select which issues to include based on the date they were created.

Once you are finished, click Generate Report.

After you generate the report, you will see project data organized as displayed in the image below. The data will be organized first by individual project and number of warranty issues, followed by a break down of each issue within the project.

You can download the report in a PDF or CSV file format by selecting either option on the top-right of the report.

If you would like a Warranty Issue report automatically emailed to you on a weekly basis, you can create and subscribe to a custom report. Learn more here.

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