Final Closeout Package

Invite owners to access their closeout documentation and file warranty requests, export a project, and setup Buildr on a mobile device.

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With Buildr's Project Delivery, you're able to invite project owners to setup their company's Buildr account, access closeout documentation, and create warranty requests -- all online, without having to download a massive zip file.

You'll also be able to create a project export to put on a hard drive or flash drive to hand over a hard copy.

What you get with Project Delivery:

  • Invite project owners to setup their own Buildr account

  • Automatically grant access to completed closeout documentation as you complete project requirements

  • Give your owners a place to submit warranty requests

  • Overdeliver for your clients by giving them a modern way to view and use their closeout documentation

  • Setup the Buildr Handover mobile app so your owners can access Buildr from anywhere

  • Export your project to hyperlinked documents using the Project Export

Invite your project owners

  • Inviting your owners will automatically send them an email to setup their Buildr account

  • Owners will get their own experience tailored to viewing closeout documents during post-construction

Once an invite is accepted, they will be able to access their account:

Export the project

  • Exporting a project will enable you to download all of the closeout documentation to put on a hard drive or flash drive

  • Exports will contain a hyperlinked Table of Contents to easily navigate the turnover package

Buildr Handover Mobile App

With Buildr Handover installed on your customers mobile device, they will be able to access their account from anywhere:

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